Say It With Clay is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to help people with diverse special needs benefit from the therapeutic power of clay. Revealed through a level of relaxation, this process creates pride, success and motivation for healing.

Say It With Clay utilizes a hands-on therapeutic approach using clay to offer clients effective alternative channels for communication.

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Steven's Story

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Steven's Story

My 14-year-old son Steven, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, attends a special needs school.  He has also been attending clay sessions with Abbie Gray and Hollis Citron for over a year.  Not only is this a great joy for Steven, but it is beneficial to him in so many ways.  Working with the clay is wonderful, creative, soothing and therapeutic.  It makes Steven feel great in terms of sensory input and creative output.  We have his incredible clay creations all over our home and have received extensive praise from family and friends.  This makes Steven feel so proud.   His self-esteem is very fragile and his positive sense of accomplishment is so critical for him.  Hollis and Abbie help to guide Steven if he's "stuck, while still enabling him to spread his wings".  This has been very freeing for a child who is incredibly stressed with structures and demands he faces in the rest of his life.

Jackie Pantaliano
National Board Member and Local Chapter Coordinator Camden / Burlington County ASPEN
Asperger Syndrom Education Network, Inc.